Our Sequals vineyards … Greener and Greener!


As we already did in the Adige Valley, we started using the “Sexual Confusion” technique in our vineyards in Sequals, Friuli as well.
In order to test this technique in the area of Grave in the Friuli region , three wineries have been selected this year by “Ersa”( Regional Institute for Agricultural Development in Friuli) and by the Consortium of DOC Friuli Grave wines and our winery was among them.
The pheromone diffusers for mating disruption of moths , have been applied to seven hectares of vines characterized by compact bunches of grapes: Pinot Nero, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Traminer, protected by anti-hail nets.
We have been placing about 500 diffusers per hectare and some traps, in order to monitor the presence of these insects and eleven rows of Pinot Grigio, growing underneath the anti-hail nets, will be constantly under control for research purposes.
The pheromones released by diffusers, will enable the male insect to locate the female moth, avoiding the opportunity for mating and allowing us to reduce the use of pesticides!
English Version by Caterina Cipriani


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About Us

Four hundred years amongst vineyards and an infinite passion for wine. The history of the Armani family and that of viticulture in the Adige Valley, between the provinces of Trento and Verona, have been evolving together, without interruption, for more than 4 centuries. Today  “Albino Armani Viticoltori dal 1607” means territory, or rather territories. The historical property in Dolcè, in the Adige Valley in the province of Verona, is one of 3 wineries located in the region Veneto: one other is to be found in Marano, in the Valpolicella Classico area, and one  in the province of Treviso, in San Polo di Piave, where our biodynamic wines are produced. Two more wineries are located in the regions Trentino and Friuli. All five wineries watch over their territories, vinifying the grapes of the surrounding vineyards. In each of them the common thread is a terroir reflecting its specific particular character in the wines springing from its soil. The headquarters remain in Dolcè, where the “Conservatoria”, a project for safeguarding local grape varieties in danger of extinction, can be visited.