Getting ready for Treviso Slow Wine 2018

Sunday 28 January 2018 At this fifth edition we will be honoured  to be sipping with you our Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Cuslanus 2012 which has been certified as “Grande Vino” by the Slow Wine guide. On this same day don’t miss to taste our other wines from Veneto and Trentino together with the organic selection #CasaBelfi Official Press Release (in italian) Follow the event on facebook #AlbinoArmani1607 #SlowWine2018 #SW18

Terracotta and wine

Impruneta. Antica Fornace Agresti. November 19-20 November 2016. Albino Armani 1607 along with CasaBelfi, presented the Colfondo Anfora, Vino Rosso delle Venezie, Vino Bianco delle Venezie and also Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico aged in 10 (500 liters) amphorae in our underground cellar in Marano. Unlike the other wines Ripasso is a conventional wine, yet to be organic or biodynamic, that uses this wonderful way of agening instead of refining in small barrels. We’d like to share with you some pictures

Casa Belfi @ VinNatur Roma 2016

75 organic wine producers in Rome! Our Casa Belfi wines will showcase Colfondo Prosecco DOC “sur lie”, Colfondo Anfora Vino Bianco Frizzate “sur lie”, Colfondo Raboso IGT delle Venezie, Rosso delle Venezie IGT. Come visit us from 12 to 14 November 2016 at Parco dell’Appia Antica, Cartiera Latina. For more information, click here.

Casa Belfi and organic wine

abstract and translation by Egle Capilupi – On  8th March 2012 the European Union published the Commission execution rules n.203/2012 concerning the organic wine production procedures on its Official Journal. By observing these rules, the producers are authorized to use the wording “organic wine” and the relevant European logo, which will be automatically accepted in the USA as well. . Here are the basic points distinguishing the organic wine from the traditional one : The organic wine is obtained only

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Our Colfòndo Casa Belfi like canadian seaweeds

abstract and translation by Egle Capilupi – Have a look at the photo that we took this morning in our Glera Casa Belfi vineyard in San Polo di Piave ( Treviso ). The machine is spreading  a mixture based on seaweeds from the Canadian Atlantic.( New Scotland). This seaweed has developed a good quantity of growth stimulating hormones due to the need to adapt to difficult environmental conditions in constant tides. The mixture we use in our organic vineyard  has

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About Us

Albino Armani winery is a working tradition that goes back in time. The first evidence of vineyard ownership was in 1607. Today, Albino Armani vineyards are located in three different Italian regions (Veneto, Trentino and Friuli) and they cover about 230 acres of land. In 1962, the municipality of Dolcè (Veneto) became the winery’s home base; it is located in the southern part of the Adige Valley, a glacial valley characterized by a strong identity. We have a strong bond with the territory where our grapevines grow. To preserve them, each day is a challenge for us and the risk of losing our produce is the guiding spirit that gives us the strength to keep doing our job. Our wines are the exact representation of where the grapes come from and in the same time, they describe their own territory of origin. For example, our white wines have fresh bouquet notes of white flowers, result of temperature fluctuations and constant ventilation typical of the Trentino land; and our red wines, on the other hand are original in character, fresh yet complex, result of the high altitude of the Valpolicella hills.