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An award for our Sauvignon from Friuli


Our Sauvignon 2013 produced in Sequals, Friuli ,got the second prize at the first edition of the contest “Sauvignon, the Prince of Friuli”, held during the event called “Le radici del vino” (The roots of wine) . The exhibition took place in San Giorgio della Richinvelda in Friuli between 16th and 19th October. The competition included also a prize for the best packaging and we have been awarded for the label as well!

Nera dei Baisi


A small vineyard at the entrance of our winery, welcomes the visitor. It is the Conservatory, a collection of old indigenous varietals in danger of extinction of our valley. Among these, you will find the NERA DEI BAISI. SENSORY PROFILE: Bright ruby red colour and intense bouquet of ripe strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. In the mouth it is fresh and fragrant, silky, with no tannins, very easy to drink, with a low alcohol content and a well balanced acidity. FOOD

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  From the vineyard to the bottle : a wine with a certified quality. One of the most prestigious international and independent agencies, the German DLG, once again rewarded our winery’s continuous investments and devotion to research. Our qualified staff is indeed constantly focused on thoroughly following all the food safety procedures guaranteeing our wines’ healthiness. – Link


LOCANDINA ASIAGO 2014 (13) (1)

Albino Armani has once again been supporting the prestigious event : “Proposals for the XXI century – Itineraries of politics and ideas. It will be held in Asiago  from 16th to 24th August. At a century from the beginning of World War One that put an end to the great European empires, the war will be the main topic of the event in Asiago. But people will also discuss about justice, national organization, the Mediterranean, in addition to wine and food in

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Pheromones win at Sequals


Mating disruption is getting good results in our winery in Sequals as well . The results of the survey carried out by Dr. Giorgio Malossini, from the Technical Research and Experimentation Service ERSA, and Dr. Carlo Bassanetti, Supervisor of the northern Italian Technical Support for Sexual Pheromones BIOGARD, were very satisfactory. 200 clusters from the eight hectares of vineyards dedicated to the mating disruption project were checked for the purpose of sampling the second generation of Eupoecilla ambiguella and Lobesia

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Picture 057

SAUVIGNON Sauvignon Vigneto Campo Napoleone Igt delle Venezie This wine is for people who love intense aromatic flavors. The grapes are cultivated such that each plant produces only a few bunches. Already on the plant, special complex hints start to develop, which are rich in reminders of spices, clarity, detail and great body. It is only by concentrating on the grapevine that such a surprising Sauvignon can be created. Production zone: Campo Napoleone in Dolcè (VR) Grape varieties: 100 % Sauvignon Blanc

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Wine Review: natural wines

images (2)

By Susy Atkins – erself as “That Crazy Frenchwoman” on her blog and website, a nickname she picked up as a characterful and outspoken wine consultant. She’s France’s first and only female Master of Wine and is becoming increasingly well known for championing natural wines – those made with traditional farming techniques, organic or biodynamic viticulture and very low intervention. And she’s the founder of the hugely successful RAW Wine Fair, now in its third year, where small, artisan, international producers gather in

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Naturale, a fair of natural wines at Navelli


For “natural wines” lovers, a nice occasion for a full immersion in the wine world at Navelli, in the Abruzzo region, an enchanting village to discover among ancient traditions and forgotten perfumes. You will be very welcome on the 10th and 11th of May 2014  at the impressive location of Palazzo Santucci where the 3th edition of “Naturale”, the fair of natural wines, will take place. We will be there with our wines from Casa Belfi. — >    

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Casa Belfi & Ombra delle Mura


Our organic wines from Casa Belfi will be present at the 7th edition of the event “Ombra delle Mura” (“In the shadow of the city walls”) aiming at promoting the culture of wine, organic  in particular, in the territory. The event will start at 10.30 am at the social farm “Conca d’oro” (Bassano del Grappa-Vicenza), a place where people with a disability  grow vegetables totally respecting  tradition and where you can enjoy simple food, obtained from the products of the land they have been cultivating. Info:  

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Trapview, electronic delta trap for remote monitoring of moths


In our winery in Sequals, two electronic traps have been applied to control moths in the vineyards treated with the green technique called “sexual confusion”. The device takes daily pictures of the sticky plate with insect placed in the trap and sends them via GPRS connection to ERSA ( regional agency for rural development) in Pordenone. The device is self-sufficient in the field because it is powered by a battery that is charged with solar panels, fixed on a pole.

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Il segno dell’anima, recent artworks by Antonio Amodio


On the 18th of April, at Verona’s perhaps most outstanding historical exhibition building, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, there will be a selection of Albino Armani wines accompanying a grand art exhibit called “Il segno dell’anima”, showing over 70 works by Antonio Amodio. They are a synthesis of the man’s creative path, an eclectic artist of Verona, and a student of Giacomo Manzù and Saverio Barbaro, who are artistic figures ranking among the most influential in 20th-century Italy. These works

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Amarone Albino Armani, Amarone Slow Wine

Senza titolo-1

Amarone Albino Armani 2010 is entered in the TOP12 OF SLOW WINE MAGAZINE! Thanks SLOW WINE! Immediately shows a refined harmony between the various sweet components: on the nose, as on the palate, notes of sweet licorice (recalling Haribo wheels), good fleshy fruit and a lightly toasted note combine well. This sweet profile, however, is not lacking in acidity and freshness, allowing the wine to flow freely on the palate. – Free Download

Our Sequals vineyards … Greener and Greener!


As we already did in the Adige Valley, we started using the “Sexual Confusion” technique in our vineyards in Sequals, Friuli as well. In order to test this technique in the area of Grave in the Friuli region , three wineries have been selected this year by “Ersa”( Regional Institute for Agricultural Development in Friuli) and by the Consortium of DOC Friuli Grave wines and our winery was among them. The pheromone diffusers for mating disruption of moths , have

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The Geo&Geo television show team at Sequals again


After a lot of rain, the sun came back to Sequals at last. On 20th March, we went through the second part of the TV shot that will be broadcast on the national TV channel RAI 3 in May. After getting the field ready and gathering the sheep, Andrea Corrubolo, a member of the Italian national sheepdog team, and I, started training our border collies. Albino Armani seemed to have fun being involved as well and who knows, maybe we’ll

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A new vineyard of Pinot Grigio in our winery in Sequals

lavori impianto (1)

Soon after the last harvest, we started working on setting up a new vineyard of Pinot Grigio in our winery in Sequals. After cutting the old vines of Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, we removed the poles, the supporting wires and extracted the roots. Now the plot was finally ready to welcome the new vineyard. We proceeded by tracking with satellite navigation,in order to place the irrigation system. After that, we started to prepare the soil. So far, we have been

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Our green mission is going on


On Thursday 20th February at Cantina Sociale in Rivalta (Adige Valley),we talked about the results of the “Sexual Confusion” tecnique that we, together with other vine growers of the area, have been testing in some of the Adige Valley vineyards during 2013. “Sexual Confusion” is a viticultural practice that aims at protecting the vineyards from some insects without the need to spray insecticides but using a less dangerous method instead, consisting is spreading a pheromone, the same which is produced

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daldoss armani 2

When Alessandro tells us with nonchalance that ”crushing into the slalom poles is not such a nice experience” and that he prefers downhill races, because “I never was afraid of speed”, we all burst into laughing. Alessandro Daldoss is IPC world champion  of Alpine Skiing – Visually Impaired category. He’s telling his story in the wine tasting room at the Albino Armani winery in Dolcè, Adige Valley, province of Verona. He is sipping some” Foja Tonda” and “Prosecco Colfondo –

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Casa Belfi at Sestri Les Vins 2014


On Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd March 2014, the 2nd edition of “Sestri les Vins” will take place in  Sestri Levante (Liguria region). The  event , organized by the association of natural winemakers “Vinnatur” in co-operation with the Consortium of Sestri Levante, is totally dedicated to natural wines. We will be there with our Prosecco Colfondo (sur lie), the Red and the White from the organic line Casa Belfi.    

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Albino Armani winery is a working tradition that goes back in time. The first evidence of vineyard ownership was in 1607. Today, Albino Armani vineyards are located in three different Italian regions (Veneto, Trentino and Friuli) and they cover about 230 acres of land. In 1962, the municipality of Dolcè (Veneto) became the winery’s home base; it is located in the southern part of the Adige Valley, a glacial valley characterized by a strong identity. We have a strong bond with the territory where our grapevines grow. To preserve them, each day is a challenge for us and the risk of losing our produce is the guiding spirit that gives us the strength to keep doing our job. Our wines are the exact representation of where the grapes come from and in the same time, they describe their own territory of origin. For example, our white wines have fresh bouquet notes of white flowers, result of temperature fluctuations and constant ventilation typical of the Trentino land; and our red wines, on the other hand are original in character, fresh yet complex, result of the high altitude of the Valpolicella hills.