Project “resident/indigenous yeasts”

The concept of sustainable development has always been a central focus for Albino Armani’s winery. To give you a brief example, during the year 2015 we experimented the technique of sexual confusion in which we tried to control pest infestation using basically insect pheromones. Today this experiment turned out to be a standardized treatment in helping us protect our vineyards in Valdadige. In parallel with this and right after the end of harvest 2016, Albino Armani winery started an important

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300% WINE EXPERIENCE: wine and music

Present and proud! “Note di passione” with our: Casetta Foja Tonda 2012, Amarone della Valpolicella 2011 and Pinot Grigio Corvara 2015. Because there is more to than meets the taste in your mouth… Albino Armani called to debate on the relationship between music and wine at the Conference that will be held in the Central Hall of Villa Emo starting at 10.30 a.m. For details click here –>

Certificate of merit for our Amarone Albino Armani 2013

Our Amarone Albino Armani 2013 among the 10 most worthy on 83 samples blind-tasted by Marco Tonelli for “GardiniNotes, the Wine Killers” at #AnteprimAmarone2013 For further information, read the article #Amarone2013  

Waiting for Anteprima Amarone 2013

Anteprima Amarone 2013, the most important event dedicated to the King of the wines of Valpolicella, will be held on the 29th and the 30th of January at Palazzo della Gran Guardia. Wines available for tasting at our booth will be: “Albino Armani” Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2013 “Cuslanus” Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG  2013 “Cuslanus” Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2008 as our special selected vintage Come visit us at our wine booth to taste some Amarone! Info and

Terracotta and wine

Impruneta. Antica Fornace Agresti. November 19-20 November 2016. Albino Armani 1607 along with CasaBelfi, presented the Colfondo Anfora, Vino Rosso delle Venezie, Vino Bianco delle Venezie and also Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico aged in 10 (500 liters) amphorae in our underground cellar in Marano. Unlike the other wines Ripasso is a conventional wine, yet to be organic or biodynamic, that uses this wonderful way of agening instead of refining in small barrels. We’d like to share with you some pictures

Tour to Rome!

We are ready for an intense week end of tastings in Rome with the Casa Belfi wines! Come and visit us at : Vinnatur Roma 2016 (stand n. 66) wines: Colfondo Anfora, Colfondo Prosecco Doc, Rosso delle Venezie Igt, Colfondo Raboso delle Venezie Igt & Eataly Wine Festival 2016 – Il Vivaio  wine: Colfondo Prosecco Doc

Casa Belfi @ VinNatur Roma 2016

75 organic wine producers in Rome! Our Casa Belfi wines will showcase Colfondo Prosecco DOC “sur lie”, Colfondo Anfora Vino Bianco Frizzate “sur lie”, Colfondo Raboso IGT delle Venezie, Rosso delle Venezie IGT. Come visit us from 12 to 14 November 2016 at Parco dell’Appia Antica, Cartiera Latina. For more information, click here.

“Vitae” the 2017 Wine Guide: top award for Foja Tonda


It is with great pleasure that we share with you the top award “Quattro Viti” (four vines) by “Vitae” 2017, the Wine Guide to the wines of Italy published by Associazione Italiana sommeliers, assigned to our Valdadige Terradeiforti Casetta Foja Tonda annata 2012. Happy to be the true supporters of this grapevine, symbol of our company. An example of pure expression of a territory, that the consumer has come to appreciate for its uniqueness. Thanks to the Italian Sommelier Association

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Harvest 2016 in progress @ Marano di Valpolicella


Thursday night Happy Hour events on our terrace in Marano di Valpolicella will resume in late fall, at harvest time completed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants who attended our summer nights We’ll see you soon! Albino Armani Cantina in Marano

Casa Belfi & Ombra delle Mura


Our organic wines from Casa Belfi will be present at the 7th edition of the event “Ombra delle Mura” (“In the shadow of the city walls”) aiming at promoting the culture of wine, organic  in particular, in the territory. The event will start at 10.30 am at the social farm “Conca d’oro” (Bassano del Grappa-Vicenza), a place where people with a disability  grow vegetables totally respecting  tradition and where you can enjoy simple food, obtained from the products of the land they have been cultivating. Info:  

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Il segno dell’anima, recent artworks by Antonio Amodio


On the 18th of April, at Verona’s perhaps most outstanding historical exhibition building, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, there will be a selection of Albino Armani wines accompanying a grand art exhibit called “Il segno dell’anima”, showing over 70 works by Antonio Amodio. They are a synthesis of the man’s creative path, an eclectic artist of Verona, and a student of Giacomo Manzù and Saverio Barbaro, who are artistic figures ranking among the most influential in 20th-century Italy. These works

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daldoss armani 2

When Alessandro tells us with nonchalance that ”crushing into the slalom poles is not such a nice experience” and that he prefers downhill races, because “I never was afraid of speed”, we all burst into laughing. Alessandro Daldoss is IPC world champion  of Alpine Skiing – Visually Impaired category. He’s telling his story in the wine tasting room at the Albino Armani winery in Dolcè, Adige Valley, province of Verona. He is sipping some” Foja Tonda” and “Prosecco Colfondo –

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OG “On the nose this cheese delights you with scents of dry and red fruit, in the mouth with a full taste of sweet cheese with hints of mountain hay. The aftertaste provides delicate notes of pomace enhancing the long and sweet persistence of dry fruit in the mouth.” Here is the portrait of the SLOW FOOD PRESIDIUM Pecorino cheese from Farindola (National Park of the Abruzzo region) aged in the pomace of the Albino Armani “Foja Tonda”  Terra dei

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image001 (1)

Dear friends, in order to give our wines a more coherent and well defined image together with an immediate brand awareness, we have decided to include our Valpolicella Superiore “Egle” in the “Albino Armani “ line of products. Nevertheless, the previous logo “Egle”, will be maintained, guaranteeing its continuity. Shortly,  this wine will therefore be available in its new dress. english version by Egle Capilupi    

Sequals, when passions join together


by Caterina Cipriani – Saturday 25th January was a special day for us at our winery in Sequals (Friuli). We had the pleasure to welcome the film maker Isabella De Felici and the “Geo& Geo” television show team for the first part of a documentary that will be broadcast next spring on the national TV channel Rai 3. For the first  time the winery and the vineyards were set aside to give prominence to some new leading characters : my Border

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Friuli in my eyes


by Caterina Cipriani – It was about one year ago, at the end of the harvest 2012, when I reached Sequals. This small village, just renowned for being the native place of the famous boxer Primo Carnera, perfectly matches the idea I had in my mind when I was at school: “ the universe in miniature”*. In Winter, while I was attending the third year of college studying  Viticulture and Oenology in Udine, I started exploring this territory together with my faithful

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Tralci di Muller

  by Albino Armani – In the last few months my mountain wines have been told about by one of the most renowned wine and food writers.It has been a great pleasure for me that Franco Ziliani visited Maso Michei and decided to tell  about this place and its wines: a proof that we have been able to build not only a convincing winemaking project, but above all, we succeeded in interpreting the Trentino territory through a bottle of wine.

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Il Foja Tonda incontra il Pecorino di Slow Food: un’idea coraggiosa di territorio


Già fin dal primo assaggio al naso presenta profumi di frutta secca e note di frutti di bosco, in bocca il gusto è quello pieno di un formaggio dolce con profumi di latte e fienagione di montagna. Il retrogusto esprime note di delicate di vinaccia, che non interferiscono sulle peculiarità del cacio, ma che anzi ne esaltano la bontà e la persistenza in bocca, che è lunga, dolce e profumata di frutta secca. Questo è il ritrtatto del Pecorino di

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Albino Armani winery is a working tradition that goes back in time. The first evidence of vineyard ownership was in 1607. Today, Albino Armani vineyards are located in three different Italian regions (Veneto, Trentino and Friuli) and they cover about 230 acres of land. In 1962, the municipality of Dolcè (Veneto) became the winery’s home base; it is located in the southern part of the Adige Valley, a glacial valley characterized by a strong identity. We have a strong bond with the territory where our grapevines grow. To preserve them, each day is a challenge for us and the risk of losing our produce is the guiding spirit that gives us the strength to keep doing our job. Our wines are the exact representation of where the grapes come from and in the same time, they describe their own territory of origin. For example, our white wines have fresh bouquet notes of white flowers, result of temperature fluctuations and constant ventilation typical of the Trentino land; and our red wines, on the other hand are original in character, fresh yet complex, result of the high altitude of the Valpolicella hills.