“Eccellenze 2017” highest rank to our Foja Tonda

Foja Tonda has been awarded with the highest rank “Eccellenze 2017” The “Guida ai vini di Verona” nominated our Foja Tonda, produced with native grapes in the land of Terra dei Forti, for playing the role as an ambassador of Veneto’s excellence. Thanks to the tasting committee,to Fiorini Enrico , Maurizio Catteneo, Gianlcua Boninsegna and Marco Scandogliero for hosting as such wonderful evening at the Circolo Ufficiali di Verona. Hooray to Guida dei vini di Verona e horray to Foja

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The pomace of our foja tonda is getting married with the Pecorino Farindola cheese

The pomace of our foja tonda still rich in aromas, left our winery to reach the mountains in the abruzzo region to get married with the pecorino of farindola, chosen by the passionate cheese producer antonello egizi . We will obtain about ten cheeses and will enjoy them during the long winter tastings.  

“Vitae” the 2017 Wine Guide: top award for Foja Tonda

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the top award “Quattro Viti” (four vines) by “Vitae” 2017, the Wine Guide to the wines of Italy published by Associazione Italiana sommeliers, assigned to our Valdadige Terradeiforti Casetta Foja Tonda annata 2012. Happy to be the true supporters of this grapevine, symbol of our company. An example of pure expression of a territory, that the consumer has come to appreciate for its uniqueness. Thanks to the Italian Sommelier Association

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Terra dei Forti at EXPO 2015

We are glad to inform you that Albino Armani 1607 will attend Expo 2015, as a representative of the Valdadige-Terradeiforti area, in cooperation with other producers from the same territory. Several wine typologies will be presented, such as Pinot Grigio, namely “Colle Ara” and “Corvara”, and the autochthonous varietal “Casetta d.o.c. TerradeiForti”. The wine exhibitions will take place in the area dedicated to doc wines being produced by the members of 21 Venetian producers’ associations. Visitors will have the chance

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When Alessandro tells us with nonchalance that ”crushing into the slalom poles is not such a nice experience” and that he prefers downhill races, because “I never was afraid of speed”, we all burst into laughing. Alessandro Daldoss is IPC world champion  of Alpine Skiing – Visually Impaired category. He’s telling his story in the wine tasting room at the Albino Armani winery in Dolcè, Adige Valley, province of Verona. He is sipping some” Foja Tonda” and “Prosecco Colfondo –

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OG “On the nose this cheese delights you with scents of dry and red fruit, in the mouth with a full taste of sweet cheese with hints of mountain hay. The aftertaste provides delicate notes of pomace enhancing the long and sweet persistence of dry fruit in the mouth.” Here is the portrait of the SLOW FOOD PRESIDIUM Pecorino cheese from Farindola (National Park of the Abruzzo region) aged in the pomace of the Albino Armani “Foja Tonda”  Terra dei

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Our wines at Proposta Vini

On monday 27th January from 9 am to 6 pm we will attend the presentation of the new Catalogue 2014 of our distributor ” Proposta Vini” The event will take place at hotel Tower Congress Center in Bussolengo ( Verona) You will find there our organic wines from Casa Belfi, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Prosecco, the 823 metodo classico, Foja Tonda and Nera dei Baisi.  

Il Foja Tonda incontra il Pecorino di Slow Food: un’idea coraggiosa di territorio

Già fin dal primo assaggio al naso presenta profumi di frutta secca e note di frutti di bosco, in bocca il gusto è quello pieno di un formaggio dolce con profumi di latte e fienagione di montagna. Il retrogusto esprime note di delicate di vinaccia, che non interferiscono sulle peculiarità del cacio, ma che anzi ne esaltano la bontà e la persistenza in bocca, che è lunga, dolce e profumata di frutta secca. Questo è il ritrtatto del Pecorino di

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Our Foja Tonda in “Vini Buoni d’Italia”

Vini Buoni d’Italia is the Italian wine guide issued by Touring Club dedicated to the wines produced from Italian indigenous grapes.Our Foja Tonda Valdadige Terra dei Forti DOC (from Casetta grapes) has been awarded with the GOLDEN STAR , a prestigious prize by this guide.

Casetta, research goes on

  abstract and translation by Egle Capilupi – The Casetta is an indigenous grape variety growing in the area called “Terra dei Forti” between the regions Veneto and Trentino. We have been doing research on this varietal for several years in cooperation with the Agrarian Institute of San Michele all’Adige in Trentino. In 2008  72 bio-types of the Casetta grape were collected and planted in the southern part of Valdadige between Verona and Trento . After four years, we are

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Foja tonda 2008 among stars and crowns

abstract and translation by Egle Capilupi – Our Foja Tonda Terradeiforti Doc 2008- Albino Armani, a wine obtained from the indigenous varietal “Casetta“, has been awarded with the Golden Star 2013 by the well known italian wine book” Vini Buoni d’Italia”, the yearly riview dedicated to wines from local varietals.The Foja Tonda has also been selected among the 500 wines running for the CROWN, the maximum award for the wines distinguishing themselves for their strong identity, for being pure expression

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Four hundred years amongst vineyards and an infinite passion for wine. The history of the Armani family and that of viticulture in the Adige Valley, between the provinces of Trento and Verona, have been evolving together, without interruption, for more than 4 centuries. Today  “Albino Armani Viticoltori dal 1607” means territory, or rather territories. The historical property in Dolcè, in the Adige Valley in the province of Verona, is one of 3 wineries located in the region Veneto: one other is to be found in Marano, in the Valpolicella Classico area, and one  in the province of Treviso, in San Polo di Piave, where our biodynamic wines are produced. Two more wineries are located in the regions Trentino and Friuli. All five wineries watch over their territories, vinifying the grapes of the surrounding vineyards. In each of them the common thread is a terroir reflecting its specific particular character in the wines springing from its soil. The headquarters remain in Dolcè, where the “Conservatoria”, a project for safeguarding local grape varieties in danger of extinction, can be visited.