An award for our Sauvignon from Friuli


Our Sauvignon 2013 produced in Sequals, Friuli ,got the second prize at the first edition of the contest “Sauvignon, the Prince of Friuli”, held during the event called “Le radici del vino” (The roots of wine) . The exhibition took place in San Giorgio della Richinvelda in Friuli between 16th and 19th October. The competition included also a prize for the best packaging and we have been awarded for the label as well!

Our Sequals vineyards … Greener and Greener!


As we already did in the Adige Valley, we started using the “Sexual Confusion” technique in our vineyards in Sequals, Friuli as well. In order to test this technique in the area of Grave in the Friuli region , three wineries have been selected this year by “Ersa”( Regional Institute for Agricultural Development in Friuli) and by the Consortium of DOC Friuli Grave wines and our winery was among them. The pheromone diffusers for mating disruption of moths , have

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Friuli in my eyes


by Caterina Cipriani – It was about one year ago, at the end of the harvest 2012, when I reached Sequals. This small village, just renowned for being the native place of the famous boxer Primo Carnera, perfectly matches the idea I had in my mind when I was at school: “ the universe in miniature”*. In Winter, while I was attending the third year of college studying  Viticulture and Oenology in Udine, I started exploring this territory together with my faithful

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Harvest in Sequals, Friuli

Harvest in Sequals, Friuli 1

abstract and translation by Egle Capilupi – The harvest has started in Friuli as well and in our winery in Sequals we are already working full steam. After struggling with a nasty drought, finally we picked the grapes. The same ritual has been repeating for thousands of years. And when our pickers take a break and sit around a table, they keep on talking about grapes and wine, in a word, about their lives.. Renata takes care of our young

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Prosecco Albino Armani with figs au gratin and rosemary

abstract and translation by Egle Capilupi – Our Prosecco is a versatile wine, well balanced in  sapidity and acidity, easy to match with mixed flavours. It comes from Friuli as well as the San Daniele prosciutto: sweet and tasty at the same time, it doesn’t need much to be appreciated, just some good bread. Bread, prosciutto and a typical seasonal fruit, the fig, and here we are: a simple and nice appetizer which is a perfect match for such a

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About Us

Albino Armani winery is a working tradition that goes back in time. The first evidence of vineyard ownership was in 1607. Today, Albino Armani vineyards are located in three different Italian regions (Veneto, Trentino and Friuli) and they cover about 230 acres of land. In 1962, the municipality of Dolcè (Veneto) became the winery’s home base; it is located in the southern part of the Adige Valley, a glacial valley characterized by a strong identity. We have a strong bond with the territory where our grapevines grow. To preserve them, each day is a challenge for us and the risk of losing our produce is the guiding spirit that gives us the strength to keep doing our job. Our wines are the exact representation of where the grapes come from and in the same time, they describe their own territory of origin. For example, our white wines have fresh bouquet notes of white flowers, result of temperature fluctuations and constant ventilation typical of the Trentino land; and our red wines, on the other hand are original in character, fresh yet complex, result of the high altitude of the Valpolicella hills.