The Geo&Geo television show team at Sequals again

After a lot of rain, the sun came back to Sequals at last. On 20th March, we went through the second part of the TV shot that will be broadcast on the national TV channel RAI 3 in May. After getting the field ready and gathering the sheep, Andrea Corrubolo, a member of the Italian national sheepdog team, and I, started training our border collies. Albino Armani seemed to have fun being involved as well and who knows, maybe we’ll

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About Us

Albino Armani winery is a working tradition that goes back in time. The first evidence of vineyard ownership was in 1607. Today, Albino Armani vineyards are located in three different Italian regions (Veneto, Trentino and Friuli) and they cover about 230 acres of land. In 1962, the municipality of Dolcè (Veneto) became the winery’s home base; it is located in the southern part of the Adige Valley, a glacial valley characterized by a strong identity. We have a strong bond with the territory where our grapevines grow. To preserve them, each day is a challenge for us and the risk of losing our produce is the guiding spirit that gives us the strength to keep doing our job. Our wines are the exact representation of where the grapes come from and in the same time, they describe their own territory of origin. For example, our white wines have fresh bouquet notes of white flowers, result of temperature fluctuations and constant ventilation typical of the Trentino land; and our red wines, on the other hand are original in character, fresh yet complex, result of the high altitude of the Valpolicella hills.